My Testimony

This testimony page is open for anyone who would like to share their testimony. Mine will be rated nc-17, whatever that means. More to follow later.

1 Response to My Testimony

  1. Alacia "Shay" Edward says:

    When I was in the college dorms, the public telephone rang. I answered. The girl on the other end asked me if I would like to take a survey on Life and Death. As I like controversial type subjects, it sounded interesting to me. I arranged to meet with her the following day in the school cafeteria. I recognized her description of herself as I walked toward the table she was sitting at. After I sat down I took a two page oral survey. The first page was basically for the giver of the survey to determine where I was at spiritually. She must have figured I was ‘nowhere’ based on my answers. On the top of the second page was the only question I remember. “Are you afraid to die?”
    I answered, “No”. That answer was apparently surprising to the survey girl. “Why?” she asked. “Well”, I said, “because Jesus is the Son of God who died on the cross for my sins and the sins of anybody in this world who believes is Him and I believe in Him… so why should I be afraid to die? I’m going to Heaven.”
    The girl, shocked, said… “You’re a Christian!”
    “Oh?” I said. “I didn’t know their was a word for it.”
    “You should be going to church”, she says. “But”, I said, “there is no Christian church around here”. That is when she told me I could go to her church. It was christian. Happened to be a Baptist church. “Oh, okay” was my response. I’ve been going to church, bible studies and appying God’s principals on a daily basis ever since.
    Obviously, I must have learned about Jesus and how He died for the sins of the world, somewhere. But where? I didn’t know. I did know one thing.
    God sent memory to me that day.
    Did I tell you the name of the girl who gave me the survey? Her name was… Memory.
    God truly does have a sense of humor!

    That is when my life began.

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