And the Winner Is…

He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things? Romans 8:32

The book of Esther never mentions God’s name, yet contains one of the strongest messages of hope for believers today.

Esther, of course, wins the first recorded beauty contest and becomes Queen next to King, Ahasuerus. At some point Haman, the King’s right hand man and a type of Satan, seeks to destroy every living Jew in Persia and Media. There is only one man who can halt the slaughter and that is King Ahasuerus, and there is only one Jew he will listen to and that is Queen Esther. Here is the problem. It is against the law for Queen Esther to seek an audience with the king, unbidden. The penalty is death.

However, if the king chooses to be merciful, he will take the sensor in his hand and extend it forward as an invitation to enter into his illustrious presence. What struck me about this story is:

*The Jews were given the sentence of death.
**We were dead in trespasses and sins.

*Esther, who represented her people and under the same death sentence, was never-the-less beautiful and desirable to the king.
**We who are sick with sin and moral bankruptcy, are no less beautiful to the King of heaven.

*The king extended the sensor, inviting Esther to enter.
**The King of Heaven extends the “rod” (see Isaiah 11:1-5), who is Christ, to sinners.

*Esther touches the censor and thereby gains access into the King’s grace.
**Sinners gain access to the King of heaven by receiving (touching) Christ.

*The king offers Esther her request, up to half his kingdom!
*The King of heaven promises to grant you “all things” (Rom 8:32, Rev 21:17)

*Haman was hanged on the gallows he constructed to kill Mordecai the Jew.
**Satan will be cast into the lake of fire—the death he inflicted upon others will become his ultimate fate.

*Haman cast the ‘Pur’ (“lot”) to determine the day of Jewish annihilation. Esther’s victory over death resulted in a great celebration which is celebrated to this day—Purim. But when the appointed day arrived for the destruction of the Jews, their enemies were destroyed instead, at the King’s decree.
**So also, our enemy, death, can be defeated by the decree of our great King who grants everlasting life to all who believe in Him!

Even though the book of Esther was written nearly 2500 years ago, makes no mention of God or the gospel of Christ, to this very day it speaks to every soul on the planet with the sentence of death hanging over their collective heads. The message? Take hold of the sensor, the rod of Jesse extended to you by grace. Your Creator declares you to be exquisitely beautiful, desires your company at a marriage supper yet to come in the heavens and wants to give you an everlasting inheritance.


About accumike

Michael Edwards, with his wife, Shay, have been involved in various ministries such as leading Bible Studies and worship, teaching teens and pastoral counseling, since 1984. Currently they are ministering at Planned Parenthood in San Luis Obispo to girls and women going in for abortions, lovingly providing information and alternatives. Please pray to end abortion and for the cultural and spiritual conditions in our nation that advance it.
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2 Responses to And the Winner Is…

  1. Alan Icban says:

    Just like the song brother Who am I. I am an earth boy a dirt and by God’s grace this dirt springs out flowers that are beautiful not because of me but because of the love of God and not only that this dirt will rise up one day in glory dwelling with God amazing isn’t it? God bless you brother.

    • accumike says:

      Yes, brother Alan. If anyone thinks himself to be something when he is nothing he deceives himself. On the other hand, God takes this nothing and makes it something by adding Christ. Wow! Pride would have us recoil at the idea, but when our eyes are opened by the Spirit we will see how great He is and how lowly we are.

      I love you brother.

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