God Bears, God Sees

2 Chronicles 20:21 “…Praise the LORD, for His mercy endures forever.”

Jehoshaphat was a great King of Judah who knew how to utilize his leaders to teach, inspire, and to lead the people.  One of those leaders was Amasiah, who “willingly offered himself to the Lord.”  If you offer yourself willingly to the Lord you are taking a great risk!  God will probably ask you to step out in faith and go or say or do something with which you are not entirely comfortable.  Like Peter, you may feel an urge to step out of the boat and walk on water.  Furthermore, we know that it is through “much tribulation” that we enter the Kingdom of God.  Let’s be honest.  The walk of faith can frighten us back to a position of safety.  Many of us (including me) rescind our offer, and if we do succumb to a call of God to serve or to suffer, it is with much wailing and thrashing about—hardly willing.  I praise God that, though my efforts are often reluctant, never-the-less, He pursues me and scoops me up and places me near His heart.  In fact, Amasiah, who offered himself willingly to the Lord, undoubtedly knew the meaning of his own name: “Jehovah bears”, from the Hebrew, עָמַס and יָהּ, literally meaning “Jehovah carries in His bosom.”  Implicit in that very name, Amasiah, are the actions of a loving, tender Father.  Oh help us to rest in Your shielding and tireless arms!

Later, a great army consisting of several kingdoms surrounded Jehoshaphat and the children of Judah.  This army dismayed and outnumbered Judah.  In 2 Chronicles 20:3 we read that the king “feared and set himself to seek the Lord.” Very often, when cornered by chaos or caught in a caterwaul of threatening voices, like Jehoshaphat, we look for God.  We cry out to Him and wonder desperately if He hears or cares about our situation.  Indeed, without supernatural intervention all would be lost, so we cry out to God!  Lord, are you there?  Do you care?

Now, as the people of Judah “with their little ones, their wives and their children, stood before the Lord,” (2 Chronicles 20:13) nobody asked Jahaziel the son of Zechariah, the son of Beniah, the son of Jeiel, the son of Mattaniah, a Levite of the sons of Asaph to say a word, but the Spirit of the Lord fell upon Jahaziel, whose name, from חָזָה and אֵל, means “God sees” or “God perceives.”  Jahaziel explained to the people and the king of Judah that “tomorrow” their enemies would “come up by the ascent of Ziz,” and that they would be found “at the end of the brook before the Wilderness of Jeruel.”  Oh, by the way, by the time you find them they will already be defeated.

As with Jahaziel’s name, God sees.  He knows every little detail of your circumstances and your fears, just as He saw the defeat of Judah’s enemies.  He perceives precisely every nuance of your heartache, fear and pain.  If that were not enough, He knows what is going to happen tomorrow and He already has a plan to defeat the enemy of your soul.  The people of Judah, upon hearing this good news, bowed before the Lord and worshipped Him, even before the fulfillment of this good prophecy.  Some were even given the task of going before the army and singing out, “Praise the LORD, for His mercy endures forever.”  2 Chronicles 20:21.  Even as they praised Him the Lord began to set ambushes against their enemies.

Lord, please help us to resolve in advance that we trust in Your perception of our situation, that You already bear the weight and the gravity of it and even now hold us close to Your loving heart.


About accumike

Michael Edwards, with his wife, Shay, have been involved in various ministries such as leading Bible Studies and worship, teaching teens and pastoral counseling, since 1984. Currently they are ministering at Planned Parenthood in San Luis Obispo to girls and women going in for abortions, lovingly providing information and alternatives. Please pray to end abortion and for the cultural and spiritual conditions in our nation that advance it.
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4 Responses to God Bears, God Sees

  1. Adrienne says:

    Wow, i really love this! Mostly because i just went through something of the sort… I felt like God couldn’t see me or hear me when i called to Him i felt He was so silent and i was in a situation where i really needed His help because i didn’t know what the right thing to do was. I had no idea how to live and i felt so lost…then God kept encoraging me with little things here and there, like show me how He does hear, and He is silent right now, but that i could keep seeking Him even though it was so hard, and how all i could do was what the Lord gave me strength to do every day- i couldn’t do more than keep walking and falling. i kept failing, but i took solace in the thought that God was growing me and would make the sun shine brighter when He decided it was time. I felt like i was a little kid who had to walk up a steep mountain to get to their parents but kept falling every 2 steps, feeling so hopeless and desparate, but not being able to help myself in any way- depending upon a God who seemed soo soo very far away. But then the morning came and His mercies are renewed and i rejoyce in Him once again and realize how faithfull He is, and how much more i love Him now. This realization seems so much more sweet to me now that this situation is still fresh in my memory. I know this doesn’t make any sense 🙂 sorry! i just had to get it out 🙂 Praise HIM!!

    • accumike says:

      Thanks for sharing, and yes, it does make sense. And yes, sometimes it gets that hard. Sometimes we think when things are that hard something must be broken, perhaps our fellowship with God because of personal unworthiness. But actually, it is just the opposite.

  2. Redshift 5 says:

    The Jehoshaphat account is one of my favorite Old Testament stories. I’ve had to confront an adversary of late. It looked insurmountable to me at the time. It’s still pretty scary even now. My adversary may return, but praise be to God for His help and comfort in all our times of trouble.
    But isn’t is weird how worried we become about the here and now, when our focus should be on the here-after, and especially how others we know will spend eternity. How many will point at us at the Great White Throne, and shout that we never warned them.

    • accumike says:

      I marvel at my lack of perspective daily! Just this morning Alacia and I were talking about the fact that we hope for many things in life–financial security, a better job, opportunities to share our faith, health for ourselves and loved ones–but there is one thing we hope in that will come to pass as certain as our next breath, OUR LAST BREATH! We shall all certainly stand before God, and that very soon, and give an account of our lives. Honestly, Christian platitudes about eternal bliss do not comfort me when I think about all my wasted opportunities. I believe most ‘Christians’ will be ashamed at His coming or their going to Him. Fortunately for us all, our hope is the cross, to which we must cling like Joab did to the horns of the altar. May NONE of us, like him, be taken outside and be tossed away from God’s presence forever.

      Sorry to sound so dramatic, but your point is well taken.

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